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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Holy Moly, I'm BACK!

...it is SO hard to get back into the swing of things!

My body succumbing to sickness every couple of weeks doesn't help either, but I guess that's my way of telling myself that I need to REST.

I spent the better part of today in a NeoCitran induced sleep, but after waking up a few hours earlier, I was feeling MUCH better. Taking a peek at Marti's blog and seeing how MUCH I've MISSED and WHAM! The creativeness was itching to come out!

...Not that the creativeness manifested into anything ACTUALLY creative, but I made a card and got back on my DT horse!

After I saw what I was missing, how could I NOT get my greedy, craft-starved hands on DIMENSIONAL pearls. Not only are they all 3D and yummy, but after I SMOOSHED them (which was the recent tutorial) when you look reeeal closely, you can see that they are all SHIMMERY and SHINY. Now if there's one thing all girls love, it's SHIMMER and SHINY GOODNESS!

So without much more chit-chat (that'll come later, I promise - the non-sick me is feeling veeeery CHATTY!) here are some PICTURES:

...Okie dokie! While my nit-picky side doesn't really think it's the BEST I could have come up with, the other sides of me are shrugging and saying, "Hey, it's the ONLY thing you came up with," so we're going to ignore nit-picky me for a while until I can get 100% back into the game.

So let's see, ingredients, ingredients!

Cardstock - Walmart
Shimmery Paper - Dollarama
Dimensional Pearl SMOOSH: dimensional pearls in Eggplant and Bottle, Pezadoodle.com
Glossy Paper - Pezadoodle.com
Brayer - Pezadoodle.com
Ink: Adirondack pigment ink in Pitch Black - Pezadoodle.com
Stickles - Pezadoodle.com
Stamps: Bellastamps.com and Studio G


1 comment:

Katie Renz said...

I love all the shimmer... and you gotta that Bella!