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Saturday, May 31, 2008


...well, when I say I'm going to do something...

Okay, usually I don't always follow through on things that I say I'm going to do - especially if it involves actually MAKING things out of the things I'm buying...but I figured there was no time like the present!

After last weekend's cRaZiNeSs, The Mister and I decided we're going to hide out and be hobbits tonight! It's working out fabulously!

So onward...I FINALLY, FINALLY got around to trying out my very first sketch! YES, I know...Marti would be SO proud. I was reading her blog when I finally decided to get a move on, so I decided to try out the sketch on her blog. From SFYTT (Sketch For You to Try - http://www.iheart2stamp.com/)

And this is what I came up with...

I've been having a fabulous time with transparencies. I used them to try out Marti's "smooshing" (isn't that the FUNNEST word to say? Betcha tried to say it...*grins*) technique with transparencies and dimensional pearls (or Scribbles) and I've ventured on to making cards using transparencies.
The only thing negative about it is that whenever I try to take a picture of it, it reflects the flash back. Or maybe I'm just not the most fantastic photographer you've ever seen. I would place bets on the latter...
But I'm über proud that I got this done...at least I've got myself a creative little blip on the May radar...


Friday, May 30, 2008

Excuse me...

...have you seen my mojo? Anywhere? Anywhere at all?

So the craproom is half-clean. Well, I wouldn't even say half...more like a quarter clean and then I kind of lost interest. I have no idea when or how it happened...but I have a LOT of stuff. I have stuff coming out of the wazoo, for crying out loud, and what do I have to show for it? A couple measly cards for my mom for Mother's Day and they're not even done! How is it possible that I started the scrapping/cardmaking kick at the beginning of March and I've barely gotten ANYTHING done? (My wallet sure feels differently, let me tell you...)

Every time I sit to make something, I seem to kind of just lose momentum halfway through. Then I move on to something else. Yes, most of the time I'm in the 'Skittles lab' mentality, but...oh, I don't know...

Maybe I need to start doing sketches or something. A girl can only come up with so many things on her own, right? I'm kind of irritated with myself today because I did make a transparency card yesterday for my Godfather's birthday, but of course it was so rush-rush, I didn't even take a picture of it. It took me all of ten minutes to make, so you can imagine the fabulousness of it. *wrinkles nose*

And now, as I wave goodbye to May (and wonder how the heck it went by so fast...), I'm thinking June has got to be a little bit more creative! I better get down and get dirty with my supplies, and tools, and embellishments and I'm not going to buy one SINGLE thing (okay, buying stuff from Marti SO doesn't COUNT!). Plus, the money I save not buying scrap things is soooo going towards a Wii Fit.

You Board members can't leave a girl alone, can you? First it's, oh buy this scrap thing, buy that scrap thing, and then it's Wii Fit and you talked it up so good, I WANT IT in the worst way!

Maybe I should mosey back on over to my room and see what can be done...either cleaning or creating...

P.S. I officially know what a chinchilla is, by the way.


RAK attack...

I can't believe how few and far between I've posted for the month of May! Remember the months when I used to have a post every single day? Sometimes more than one post in a day? What happened to those times? Less buying and talking about them...but I can't say I've gotten more scrapping done either!

But to wave goodbye to the second last day of the month, I've got a couple pictures for you!

I have been attacked by RAKs from the WONDERFUL, OH SO FABULOUS Marti from Pez-a-Doodle!!! Not once, but TWICE in the last two weeks ALONE!

Check it out:

Couple weeks ago, I got...

Those fun BIC markers that everyone on The Board has been trying out, YUMMALICIOUS, brilliantly luminescent dew drops and distress embossing powder and a beautiful, alter-able wooden box! w00t!
Today, I come home to THIS:

BEAUTIFUL card made by M herself!!! I can't believe I've been looking at this card and making comments about how I WISH I WISH I could see it in real life - and it was really for ME!

I told you, that UTEE/perfect pearls technique looks good enough to eat!

SKITTLE STARS!!! For packages all for me to play with!!! And ANOTHER awesome wooden box - I can't believe these are like, $10+ at my M's...

And last but not least, my Studio G order (those weren't part of the RAK...LOL) but inside there are also some fun little things to play with and alter as well that she threw in AND ANOOOOTHER wooden box for me to alter!

I can't wait to get out all my tools and play things and get to PLAYING!!!




Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Showers make blooms!

...oh WOW, I haven't even noticed how long I've been away from my wonderful blog! It's been SO hectic, I can't even believe that May is more than halfway OVER! Where is the time going? So many projects, so little time!

My cousin's bridal shower that I'm throwing for her is this Sunday! Honestly, what in the WORLD did I ever do before the Cricut? BUY pre-made things for more? Ew!

Here's what I've been up to, so you can't be too mad at me for being MIA!

...those are just some of the flower pots - for the centerpieces and definitely only SOME of the shower favors. I used TBBM of course for the little heart boxes and filled them with DELICIOUS strawberry cream jellybeans that are on sale right now at Bulk Barn. I had to get about....10 pounds of of jelly beans to fill all the boxes. I know it sounds like a lot, but The Mister was helping out by eating some. For the flowers, I didn't get too crazy, I just used two kinds of flowers, the George flower in shadow and silhouette and the funny petal-ed flower from WIMG.

Alright, I know it's not as in-depth as I normally like to get into, but I'm going to be getting up early so I can get more work done!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Starlight, starbright...

...very first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, grant me the wish I wish tonight!

Well, there aren't any stars out yet, but hopefully it doesn't stop my wish from coming true one day!

I keep checking Katie's site (http://katiespaperhaven.blogspot.com/) and I am wanting Nestabilities in the WORST way. It's one of those things that when you get an idea in your head that you WANT it, it keeps festering and festering until you MUST HAVE IT! I'm actually surprised that I've held out this long (it probably has something to do with the fact that I think they're kind of pricey) but Katie's cards are so CUTE that every time I see those sweet scalloped edges, I WANT Nestabilities all over again!


Maybe it's time I started price comparing...

Is Nestabilities the only thing on my original wish-list that I still don't have? I think I've pretty much managed to acquire everything else! LOL...


The list...

...is all up in the air. Honestly, I have NO idea what I'm waiting for anymore. I don't even remember what I've ordered anymore, come to think about it. The last few months since I've started the BeadPops have been rushing by so fast! The only things I've been buying lately are always what I need for the beads - not that I'm complaining of course, I am having SO much fun with them!

Plus, I definitely needed to cut back on the spending for a bit...with The Mister switching jobs, I had to take it easy or else I'd be trying to lose weight so I can strip just to cover my expenses. HAHAHAHA!

Anywho...I know for SURE that I'm waiting for a FABULOUS package from my most FAVOURITEST Marti over at http://www.pezadoodle.com/. She's got some AWESOME things coming up reeeeal soon (omg, I SO suck at keeping secrets, but that's ALL you're getting from me)!!! So keep checking back on her blog for any other little tid-bits of information...there's muchos fun to be had, lemme tell ya, you'll be kicking yourself later if you miss out! I wonder if I'm allowed to mention that aside from the oh-so-cute Studio G stamps, she'll also be widening her range of RANGER products. Oooooh....

I keep rushing home to check if it's here yet, but HOPEFULLY today is the DAY! Or maybe the powers that be are delaying the delivery until I get my scraproom cleaned. I've been making a little headway with the tidying up. At least this morning I could SEE that a DESK does in fact exist under the alarming pile of stuff I had. And the floor is cleared off too. I could see that The Mister was getting reeeeally close to going over the edge from stepping on tiny little beads! So I vaccuumed up all the sad little babies that didn't make it over to Etsy.

Oh YES! And a new release for me in my Etsy shop! Petals 'n' Pops was officially released and sent out to some customers TODAY! I hope they like them as much as I do. I get all googly-eyed every time I look at them!

Which also reminds me that I'm due to get an order in from Café Prima for my order of PRIMAS! Oooooh, yummalicious goodness coming up!

Much more projects still to come - if I ever get a moment to sit down and think about them! Happy creating everyone!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Catching up...

...whew! Lately it feels like that's all I've been doing! I'm not complaining, mind you, I'm loving the busy-ness of things. Busy always beats being bored, I'd like to think. Remember the early days when I'd have five posts for one day? LOL...it's been a while since I've done that hasn't it!?

Lately it's been feeling like there just aren't enough hours in the day. If only the day could be like, twenty-EIGHT hours instead of twenty-four, I might feel like I was able to do everything that I meant to do in that one day...I've taken to getting up an hour early just to fit in a few more things that need to get done, but my sink is STILL full of dishes and my laundry baskets are STILL overflowing. Interesting...

But I hope all you mommies out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! I know you're mommies every day but it's not every day that people take the time out to let you know what a wonderful job you're doing! And I definitely know you are because I can't babysit my niece without feeling stressed out and tired - and that's in the first ten minutes!

Here's some projects that I did for our Mother's Day - which ended up being at our place because everyone was laughing at me when I tried to make reservations for Sunday brunch the Friday before...yeah well, I had to try. So our place it was for a BBQ and basically, I took everything that wasn't supposed to be in the living room and I THREW it in every other room that had a door that I could CLOSE! It was definitely a hectic day!

Pictures, pictures (definitely on the picture-heavy side, don't say I didn't warn you!)

Card I made for my SIL

My very FIRST explosion (or is it exploding) box! This one is for my MIL. Bad idea to start making exploding boxes three hours before people are supposed to arrive.

This is my exploding box for MY MOMMA!

...and these are my BEAUTIFUL little boxes that I made with TBBM!

A close up of the little cutie patooties!

And these are what's inside them!!!

Anywho...work is a-calling. I'm training a new person today and you do NOT want to hear the stories about that! LOL...thanks for looking!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Confession #10

...take a deep breath folks (or maybe I should be the one taking a deep breath! LOL)...

This is where the magic happens...

...and that wasn't even the whole room that I shot...but at least I finished my Mother's Day projects! More on those later...off I go to make a little headway in cleaning!


Friday, May 9, 2008


...my scraproom, that is. I cannot believe how absolutely MESSY my scraproom is - and I'm not even focusing on my desk! You can't even SEE the desk!

I forgot to take a picture of it, but eventually you'll see the madness...

I'd like to think that there's a method to all the madness, but there isn't really. Last night while I was making some cards, I lost my scissors like, three times and had to shove everything aside to try and see where my hands had put it down when my consciousness wasn't paying attention.

Anywho, here are a few cards that I've been making for my mom for her Mother's Day present. Like I mentioned before (I think...) she's been wanting me to make her a whole assortment of cards and package them up for her. I hadn't gotten around to doing it, but a couple board members had mentioned doing this and I thought it was a good a present as any!

Besides the first one, I'm not really all that impressed with the cards...I think I've lost my mojo (...if I ever had any for cards...! LOL)

I'm not TRYING to be difficult, or get anything, but I honestly HATE those cards (besides the first one). I don't know...things just weren't coming together and I ended up just slapping any old things on the cards. Ew!

Hopefully I'll find a little more mojo tonight because that's pretty much all the time I have left to work on them. Momma's coming over tomorrow to work on some wedding things for my cousin's wedding and then Sunday is Mother's Day! Holy moly, it snuck up on me! If I don't get around here this weekend, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY all you fabulous mommies out there!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A little quickie...

...just another card using Flower Soft. Actually to be honest, that isn't even really a card just yet. It's the front of the card...I just have to glue it to...well, a card.

Anyways, just a quickie little entry as I'm a bit tired today...

My camera was still here, thank goodness! I hope to start my Mother's Day gift later on this evening when I get home. Someone (sorry! I wish I could remember who, but I forget and I'm too lazy to go over and check right now) made an assortment of cards for their mom in an altered lunch tin and I thought that was such a fab idea! My mom has been wanting me to make her an assortment of cards and I thought it would be a nice addition to whatever gift I'll be giving her...

So here's my Flower Soft card of the day, I used WIMG too!


Monday, May 5, 2008

Of storage and $0.50 hot dogs...

...oh boy oh boy!

I got my USB cable back! That's the last time I'm leaving it here at work! But here are some pictures of the fun little things I bought yesterday!

The first one is the magnetic tins. They are the PERFECT size for the Prima flowers I got! These flowers are GORGEOUS let me tell you. It'll probably take a while for me to even bring myself to use them! But they look so CUTE in their tins. Now if I can just get The Mister to hang them for me!

The other one is my pen and markers holder. Isn't that the best thing ever! Don't mind the pictures too much, I was trying to hold them up against my wall to get a good picture, but the hand taking the picture was a little wobbly. But wow, the white pot is so NICE! I wish I had gotten more than two of them, but they were kind of pricey at $4.99 each. There were other ones for like, 2 for however much, but go figure I fall in love with the more expensive ones. But at least I got a little bit of a deal on the spice jars! They were 4 for $3.99! I placed an ebay order for the smaller Prima flowers that are going to look DELISH in there! Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to put the jars! There were so many things I wanted at IKEA! I need about three more jobs to fund all the things that I want for my scraproom alone! But instead, I just got these pretty babies and some $0.50 hotdogs! I love IKEA!

Okie dokie, moving on! Marti got her birthday present! I think I was even more excited for her to get it than she was! LOL...so here is a picture of the journal I altered for her and the matching card!

More things to come, but I've got to go take pictures of them and OMG, I just realized I left my camera at work. *cries*