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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The list...

...is all up in the air. Honestly, I have NO idea what I'm waiting for anymore. I don't even remember what I've ordered anymore, come to think about it. The last few months since I've started the BeadPops have been rushing by so fast! The only things I've been buying lately are always what I need for the beads - not that I'm complaining of course, I am having SO much fun with them!

Plus, I definitely needed to cut back on the spending for a bit...with The Mister switching jobs, I had to take it easy or else I'd be trying to lose weight so I can strip just to cover my expenses. HAHAHAHA!

Anywho...I know for SURE that I'm waiting for a FABULOUS package from my most FAVOURITEST Marti over at http://www.pezadoodle.com/. She's got some AWESOME things coming up reeeeal soon (omg, I SO suck at keeping secrets, but that's ALL you're getting from me)!!! So keep checking back on her blog for any other little tid-bits of information...there's muchos fun to be had, lemme tell ya, you'll be kicking yourself later if you miss out! I wonder if I'm allowed to mention that aside from the oh-so-cute Studio G stamps, she'll also be widening her range of RANGER products. Oooooh....

I keep rushing home to check if it's here yet, but HOPEFULLY today is the DAY! Or maybe the powers that be are delaying the delivery until I get my scraproom cleaned. I've been making a little headway with the tidying up. At least this morning I could SEE that a DESK does in fact exist under the alarming pile of stuff I had. And the floor is cleared off too. I could see that The Mister was getting reeeeally close to going over the edge from stepping on tiny little beads! So I vaccuumed up all the sad little babies that didn't make it over to Etsy.

Oh YES! And a new release for me in my Etsy shop! Petals 'n' Pops was officially released and sent out to some customers TODAY! I hope they like them as much as I do. I get all googly-eyed every time I look at them!

Which also reminds me that I'm due to get an order in from Café Prima for my order of PRIMAS! Oooooh, yummalicious goodness coming up!

Much more projects still to come - if I ever get a moment to sit down and think about them! Happy creating everyone!


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