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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Balancing act...

...okay, so it's a GOOD thing I got all my orders completed BEFORE I got the E-Mail letting me know that I can pick up my Wii Fit earlier today, or else I wouldn't have gotten ANYTHING done!

Oh wow, this game is SO AWESOME!

Yes, it did everything but tell me I'm an obese cow (though not in so many words) but it's great! I've been hearing great things about it and I can definitely see why. If you find that you can get your hands on one of these, GO FOR IT!

I got a little bit of play time in the "Skittles Lab" and I'm wondering how people are liking the Bic markers and colouring the beads in? I'm not having the BEST time with them except for the BLACK marker. Everything else seems to be...I don't really know how to call it...but you can see all my lines of colour, especially if I go over the same area more than once...I thought I had a handle on these beads, but I guess I don't have the Bic touch!

Anywho, I'm getting up early tomorrow morning to get some Wii Fit in before work! HAPPY JUNE!!!


1 comment:

Katie Renz said...

Haha, I get the Wii Fit thing now. I saw it posted on the Cricut mb and just ignored it. I'll have to go searching for it now.

Just wanted to say hi :)