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Monday, June 23, 2008

Lemons into lemonade...

...is that what they say?

When life hands you lemons, made lemonade! What if life hands you a completely rude, idiotic, most rage-inducing person in front of you? What then?

Other people I was complaining to earlier this morning would say, 'What are you complaining about? You just finished saying your day was SO BORING!' After this person, boring it was NOT.

He came up to my window and slammed a twoonie down onto my ledge and said 'I need change'. First off, we're not allowed to give change. I'm not going to go too much into what I do, but while I *could* give change, we're not supposed to. So of course I said, "No, I'm sorry, we don't give out change." And after a "are you effing (I'm substituting for the sensitive readers, those less sensitive, please feel free to think the words I'm really subbing for) kidding me? it's $2 just give me the change." And I go on to say firmly, "The (insert department here) does not hand out change." And he goes on and points beside him that there's a payphone right there and why the hell won't I just give him the damn change. And I proceeded to point out the window and say that there's a convenience store down there where he can get change from. And off he goes again and I say this is not a bank, we can't give out change.

So on this goes and finally he asks for my manager and as soon as she walks up he proceeds to tell her what a completey rude and snarky bitch "THAT GIRL" is and how "THAT GIRL" treats him like he's a complete effing retard when all he wants is change for the payphone. He proceeds to demand that my supervisor apologize to him on MY behalf as he has been treated like a retard because I had the nerve to tell him that our department is not a bank. He proceeds to say that of COURSE he's not retarded, he KNOWS this isn't a bank, why the eff do I feel the need to have to tell him that.

And I stand there and stare and my supervisor stands there and stares and he proceeds to tell me that just because I sit behind my effing desk I shouldn't think that I'm so much better than everyone or like I have some kind of power and sh*t.

My supervisor takes the $2 he once again slams onto the ledge and she proceeds to give him the change. He takes his change and turns around and leaves and then turns around and comes back and yells that I should put a sign up on our windows that says THIS IS NOT A BANK to inform all the retarded students out there that this isn't a bank.

I am still standing there staring, and I smile and tell him to enjoy his change and have a nice day and (okay, SLIGHT baiting on my part) and he tells me to 'shut up, you snarky bitch.'

So, AFTER he leaves...my supervisor says, "Well he was completely over the line and that was totally uncalled for," I just stare at her and turn away. WHERE THE HECK WAS SHE FIVE MINUTES AGO WHEN HE WAS TOTALLY TELLING ME OFF? If he was SO uncalled for, where the heck was the supervisor in her and she could have told him that was ENOUGH. To top it all off, she gave him the CHANGE!

You know what? I wasn't even upset about him going on and on because frankly, I don't care about that little dink and he only PROVED himself to be a COMPLETE moron and an absolute IDIOT by his tirade when if he wasn't SO STUPID, why would he ask for change when he's not retarded and KNOWS this isn't a bank. So if he knew it wasn't a bank, why'd he still demand change? I don't care, I can hold my own with people like that, but what REALLY bothered me is FIRST OF ALL, she gave him the change (when our WHOLE department knows that as the acredited business that we run, it is not in our DUTIES to hand out change, we are not cashiers though we do have to deal with money. SECOND of all she tells ME that HE is over the line and uncalled for AFTER he leaves! Why couldn't she have said that to HIM!? If she was going to give him the change anyway, why couldn't she AT LEAST stand up FOR me, if she wasn't going to stand by me and my decision.

MEH....I don't even know why I'm still going on about this...I guess it's harder for me to shake off than the other idiotic people that I have had to deal with.

I almost forgot what I was writing about.

Anywho, needless to say, I was feeling not so perky when I got home, but I forced myself to sit in my scraproom and eventually, my hands got busy and my mind stopped feeling sorry for itself and I got these two cards made:

So even in my yucky state of mind, I tried to take what I was feeling and turn it into the opposite for my cards. It kind of worked out as good therapy...it would make it BETTER therapy if I could take the cards and shove it in the person's face...but we can't have everything in life, I guess...LOL...



Katie Renz said...

Geez!!! I totally agree with you. You already know the guy is an (fill in the blank), but your boss would make me the madder of the two.

Good for you to create though - good job!

Swimmom said...

Hey, Cat! I've missed you! I just know you and Marti are putting your creative little heads together on something amazing and are too busy to post! Anyway, sorry you had such a lousy day, and I love your cards!

Marti - Pez-A-Doodle Design Studios said...

oh what a lame boss!!! but the cards....just FAB!!