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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Clearly Stickle-licious...

...well look at me go! I am so happy that I seem to be back into the groove of things! I feel like scrapping and playing and I have TIME to do it! And I'm back to my regular ol' shopping ways, which is kind of bad right now because I'm trying to lower my debt! HAHAHA...

Anywho, there's nothing like getting back into the swing of things than by getting out your STICKLES!

I snuck a peek at Marti's blog (http://pezadoodle.blogspot.com/) while I was at work to see what she's been up to and my eyes were wonderfully assaulted by fabulously GLITTERY and SPARKLY YUMMINESS! So with the instructions already there, I couldn't NOT try it out!

Here's my take!

Look out! Picture-heavy because I am LOVING all over this card if I do say so myself!

Here we go: I cut down a piece of acetate (transparency paper, overhead paper - whatever you like to call it) and Cuttlebugged it with my choice of folder (the designs with bigger embossed "wells" work the best for this type of project. I had to add a thin piece of paper in between the plates to really get the sheet embossed. Next I just chose my stickles and filled in the wells. I had to do two sessions of Stickle-ing and drying until I had the right amount of glitter in my wells.

'Nuff said, get your Stickle on!


1 comment:

Katie Renz said...

Wow, you did an awesome job with the transparency. It turned out great.