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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh to be American...

...if only to have daily access to all your fantastically FABULOUS craft stores!

I crossed the border this past weekend my friends, and let me just say, I was *SO* jealous of you Americans!

I mean, you have a Michael's which is fine because I do too, but you have a Michael's with STUFF! And more than that, you have a Jo-Ann's, a Hobby Lobby and I didn't even get a chance to find a...crap, I forget the name of the other craft store I was jealous of you for. Plus your Wal-Mart's have TONS of scrapping stuff. *sighs wistfully*

Anywho, a little peek-a-boo at my trip:

Well, who can say no to 50% off? *giggles* They were Christmas presents though, I was a good girl!

The Queen is *SO* jealous of me right now...

I seriously sat down on the ground and stared...

Okay, I was a good girl up until this point!

Oh, how I love thee...

*whew* That last picture there...HOLY MOLY! If we had one of these in Canada...


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