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Monday, April 7, 2008

Confession #6

...sometimes it's just so hard to say NO! So here I am still fresh from my bumper experience at M's over the weekend and after the gym today I found my steering wheel magically steering me to M's - again!

So do you wanna hear the confession? I walked in, saw all the carts out on display instead of the cage they're normally in, and I walked right up and found a whole bunch of carts that I wanted! Cuttin' Up, Celebrations, and Paper Dolls. I walked right up and grabbed Paper Dolls and tucked it in my arms and wandered for a bit.

Quit stalling you say...as I was walking, I started doubting my plastic. I knew I had money in my bank account, but a lot of bills are automatically coming out that I didn't want to touch anything in there, so I wanted to use my CC. Except I couldn't remember what the balance on that was...so instead of chancing getting denied I sadly put the cart back and got a DCWV Old World stack instead!

I'm not usually so unsure about my balances, but it's been a crazy few weeks with The Board's enabling so...ay-yay-yay...


1 comment:

Kopperhead said...

Oh, you were so good at M's!! I really wanted WIMG, but had to settle for raincheck. The story of my shopping experience is somewhere on a long post on the MB....LOL. Anyway, I just saw your question about digi scrapping on my blog (sorry I didn't check it before today). Email me at serendipityfirefly at yahoo dot com and I'll explain how I do it.