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Friday, April 4, 2008

Orders from Stamping Bella...

...ella, ella, ella, eh...eh...you can order from Stamping Bellaaaaa.

Okay, enough of that, I hated that song when it was playing non-freaking-stop all last summer.

So I've got...Confession #5...I was contemplating NOT saying anything and just pretending I'm doing a perfectly good job...but hey, this aint called Confessions of a Scrapaholic for nothing. So here we go:

Confession #5

Yesterday one of those fabulous things happened where I got a cheque (albeit small) in the mail from a mail-in-rebate that I'd completely forgotten about.So I was like, "YAY" extra money I didn't know about and immediately went over to Stamping Bella and ordered the stamps I had sitting in my shopping cart...completely forgetting I was on a ban.

Boooo, OMG, I didn't even last...TWO DAYS! What's up with that? My psychology degree tells me that when something starts interfering in the everyday aspects of your life, it's becoming a problem - either an addiction, obsession or compulsion.

Let me see...instead of taking showers and getting ready for work on time, I check The Board or hang out in my scraproom looking at all my stuff. Instead of working, I hang out on The Board (okay, actually this isn't an abnormality, since whenever I'm supposed to be working, I'm usually doing something else anyway...LOL), whenever I should be coming home to make dinner, I usually nip over to the LSS or M's first and when I get home if there's something in the mail I go and play with what I got instead and me and The Mister are forced to go out to eat or throw something together.

Hmmm...I think I'm still okay. I see no disruption in my every day life so far...good thing I'm not like those people.

I've also heard that denial is one of the first few steps on the road to overcoming an addiction, obsession or compulsion.

P.S. Early Confession #6, I'm not even going to pretend I'm not going to buy a cart (or two, if I can manage) at the big M's sale starting tomorrow. It turns out I have to be in TO for an all-day training session, but that's just delaying the inevitable.

Don't worry WIMG, TBBM and OA...momma's gonna bring you home!


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