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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring has sprung...

...in my scraproom! In honour of my finally getting WIMG and some Studio G stamps, I am hosting a RAK on The Board (which can I say I'm getting a TEENY TINY bit annoyed with - just with all the drama that keeps popping up. Maybe it's just me that just never has no idea what's going on so I don't see a lot of it, but the draaaama. Anyways, one of my posts got hijacked and turned into something else but I'm not even going to get into it. I said my final say and I'm just going to let it get buried under all the new posts).

OMG...I got sidetracked by silliness. Back to the more fun things. So anyways, to go with the theme of my blog and the huge M's sale that's happening, I wanted to know if anyone else had any confessions they would like to come clean with. I will choose three winners to win one of these three sets:

Two little sample packs of micro pellets and a Studio G stamp set. Out of the three winners, the one with the biggest confession will also get the card that I made using both WIMG and the beads. Which is this:

C'mon...come clean!


1 comment:

Marti - Pez-A-Doodle Design Studios said...

OMG!!!! LOVE how you used the little baubles - never even thought of that!!! i will so be copying you!! i'll email ya more.....