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Thursday, April 24, 2008

True colours...

...I see your true colours shining through..they're beautiful...like a rainbow...

So I'm sure you're reaching the end of your limit staring at the beads I keep posting, but I LOVES them so you're gonna look at a couple more.

Besides, The Mister went and did something spectacular, I have to write about it! When I woke up this morning there was a plastic bag on his pillow and to be honest, I really didn't even notice it - not the BEST morning person EVER, let me tell you. So he comes in while I'm about to haul the laptop up onto the bed and he's like, did you see your present? And I look up all bleary-eyed and was like, 'wha?' and he points at the bag and only then does the red lettering on the plastic bag register and I'm like, I KNOW THAT BAG! So I tear it open and there staring up at me are the pretty little faces of Perfect Pearls and a pack of alcohol inks. For me. JUST for MEEEE!

I had recently placed two orders for Perfect Pearls and alcohol inks at http://www.pezadoodle.com/, but I didn't think that moment was the BEST time to tell him that (and also that they were a LOT cheaper there) but I taught The Mister well, he knew to ask for a 40% off coupon and everything! So he said that since he was with me the last time and I had stood in that aisle and stared at all the inks and powders and debated on which one I would get, he thought I would have more fun and be able to make more variety if he got me the other package. SWEET MAN!

So he came into the scraproom with me (I'm wide awake by now, of course) and I showed him how I was using his wonderful presents!

Heads up though, there's quite a few pictures. Ta-daaaaa:

Under the Sea

Sands of Time

Blue Lagoon

Shamrock Central

Lavender Dreams

Pucker Up Pink


Ooooo-wee!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Eventually, they'll be going up on my Etsy but first I need input from my Alcoholic Ink Yoda...hope you're not TOO wrinkly-faced!



Marti - Pez-A-Doodle Design Studios said...

oh MY aren't those gorgeous!! quite talented i must say!! and not TOO wrinkly faced - bart done good!! extra kissy-face for him k cat!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss C
I have tagged you.
See my blog for details. :)