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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Of bans and bumpers...

...so. Today was THE day. M's put their Cricut carts on sale for $49.99 ($39.99 in the US - why couldn't I live in the US at critical moments like these?!)

And where was I, you ask? I was at an all-day web training session out of town. ALL DAY. From 9 am - 4 pm. That was SEVEN hours of good shopping time!

Anyways, there was actually good news in that. Since it was an hour and a half out of town, I was able to shop at a different M's than the ones around here (which, if I haven't said so already, suck).

So as soon as the session is over - at least I HOPE it was over...I kind of just assumed it was wrapping up. I grabbed The Mister and booted it to the nearest M's. I already knew where I was headed because I Google mapped the address during the training session. (Can I just say that I already KNEW all the stuff that was going on - they should have specified that it was for like...BEGINNERS who didn't even know what websites WERE. I should say they were for beginners and everyone except me and The Mister were all over 50.)

ANYWAYS, here we are zooming into the M's parking lot and I am completely wriggling around in my seat from the anticipation. I pull into a parking spot and run out - only to have to turn back and yell to The Mister that I forgot the keys in the ignition. NO lies!

So he goes back to get them and I run into the store, stop just inside the entrance to look wildly around for the scrapbooking section and make a beeline for the cartridges! I see an endcap with like, 5 different carts and I wrinkle my nose in disgust. 5. FIVE?!?! Then I round the corner and...*cue Handel's Messiah chorus here* There they aaaall are (all except JOTS for crying out loud). I grab WIMG and OA and now that the adrenaline has peaked, I walk around slowly to look at everything else. In the end, I put back OA as I just realized I'm supposed to be on a ban and as I head over to the register, I see the $1.50 basket (it's the $1.00 in the US which leads me AGAIN to the question why do I not live in the US for moments like these?!). I idly look over and *once again, cue the chorus* there are Studio G stamps staring at me.

I have NO idea why I have SUCH an addiction to Studio G stamps. Maybe because they're so cute and little and you get multiple stamps in one little packet. Anyways, of COURSE the basket has to be right near the floor so after crouching, I end up sitting right there on the floor digging through those items like I lost my first-born child in there.

A little eye-candy if you will...

The wood-mounted Studio G's don't count against my ban because I made The Mister buy them and I said I wasn't going to be paying him back. LOL...

So at last I have reached the end of my shopping spree and I'm considering asking The Mister if he wouldn't mind stopping at another M's located in the same city, but before I can voice the request out loud...


Oh-my-freaking-lanta...I have reversed into a pole. While Cricut flowers and clear acrylic stamps danced before my eyes, I failed to see the big, freakin' pole behind me. I run out to check and it's not too bad. No dent, but some scratches in the paint.

It's punishment for breaking my ban. Karma is SO petty. I just know it...


1 comment:

Stampin' Meg said...

You and me both were off the wagon! But hey I figured that sale was so exceptional it really was like a rare special event that we HAD to partake of . I commend you on your will power for putting OA back!
Sorry about the pole, though YIKES!