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Monday, April 14, 2008

So exhausted...

...I was very good today! Monday's are usually my gym days and that usually means from the moment I wake up, I'm trying to think of all the excuses for me NOT to go, that would fly with my Tammy, coworker. (We have a buddy system going and since she's really into going to the gym, I demanded that she MAKE me go with her - which she REALLY does and I usually have to be veeery creative in the excuses I come up with). Anyways, Tammy wasn't able to go to the gym tonight and I was like, 'Yes! Free evening for meeee!' But you know what? I went anyways! So good for me...I feel skinny already...

Now onto the point, I got home and went straight into the scraproom to get going with my new little babies! Can I tell you that The Mister got home from class and found me in my room with my jacket and my running shoes still on?! HAHAHAHA, three and a half hours after I got home, I was so focused I didn't bother doing anything else. The Mister leans against the door and he's all like, 'Gonna stay awhile, or are you heading back out?' Meh, what does he know...

I want to talk about my little creations some more, but I'm completely wiped from staring so intently at them...I had to get down really close and I think I'm almost going cross eyed from looking at the little pieces for so long...LOL. So here you are, if you're like my you're just loco for photos anyways...

Lucy in the Sky So Blue

Big Purple Dinosaur

Teal My Heart Away

Vivacious Violet

Rose of Sharon

Vivacious Violet

Lovely Lavender

Just Peachy

Seafoam Bridesmaids

Black Humbugs

Blue Bayou

Mellow Yellow

Candy Floss Pink

Galactic Grape

...and I hate to do it, but I guess I will also mention that for the most part, as far as I know, the names (JewelPops, SugarPops, etc. and the packaging) are copyrighted to me.

Sorry I'm not posting more talk...just very tired and I've been promising The Mister I'd come to bed in like, five minutes - and that was an hour ago...