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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Confession #7

...I am reaching an absolute frantic craze in cartridge collecting. I have JUST PM'd AnnaBlack on The Board inquiring about her new shipment of carts - SYI and JOTS (w00t!) and that doesn't even BEGIN to scratch my "I Want, I WANT" list. So herein lies the confession...

I bought PDUP at the fabulous (and very short) M's sale last week...let's see, I think it was Wednesday, and I haven't even opened it. Everyone else was talking about it and going on about how none of their M's had it, and I walk into mine and it's just there staring at me, practically DARING me to pick it up and buy it and I answered that dare! I am so weak...

The other confession behind the confession...I'm ordering all these carts, and I don't even know what to do with them, for the most part. I've barely used any cuts for actual projects - confession within the confession WITHIN the confession...I haven't even done very many ACTUAL projects - and the cuts that I've made, I've really only been playing around just wanting to see what the cuts look like in real life.

Just now, I asked The Mister if there was any holidays or special occasions coming up where people have to buy me stuff. He said our anniversary and I "Psssssh-ed" it because that's in September. He said the only thing coming up is Mother's Day and is it kind of bad that I half-wished I was pregnant so I could demand him to buy me a cart? I would choose New Arrivals of course...

P.S. I'd like to take this time to thank EVERYONE who's dropped by for a visit. My blog counter looked like it totally blew up...one day I look at it and it has like, 15 visitors in one day, and then all of a sudden, 115 visitors the next day! I hope you had a good time here...looked around, hung out...leave me more comments, I LOOOOOVE to know who's been by, and I always make it a point to visit right back - and NOT just leave one comment on the most recent post. My work allows that I can read through your whoooole blog and make comments about all the posts that I commented on in my head...well, work doesn't really allow it, but I sure have a lot of time to do it! So c'mooon, leave me a comment or two just to let me know you've been here, make a little notch in my teeny, tiny corner of the www, I don't mind. *whispers* You could also click on a couple ads for me...fund my OCD - Obsessive Cartridge Disorder...


1 comment:

EmilyK said...

Hi Catherine! I am reading your blog, so I thought I would comment that you are SUPERFINE, and I would like to order a TON Of Sugarlumps! LOL! DYING at that one!
Emily (012473blahblahblah!) :)