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Saturday, March 15, 2008

And so it begins...

...I was definitely most excited to get into my scraproom this morning and PLAY!

Besides just playing around and seeing what each embossing folder looks like and embossing paper like a madwoman, I actually had to go and make my best friend her birthday card. Her birthday was yesterday, but her party is today, and as it coincides with the St. Patrick's day weekend, we all have to wear green!

So I'm playing as much as I can now before I have to go out and buy her birthday present, a green shirt and a Stephen King book. It's a tradition that started a few years ago that I get her Stephen King books every year for her birthday.

Anyways, chit chat aside, here is the card I made. Yes, it is SO such a scraplift of SusieB, but it was still fun to do nonetheless.

I'm a little bit irritated because I have GOT to figure out my camera. I'll take a couple more pictures later on, but I still want to try make more cards and play with my carts! So anyways, ran the paper through the stylized flower folder, leaving the space in the middle. I lightly coloured the embossed parts with Prismas and mineral spirit-ed it and I used Stickles for the flowers. I can't stop looking at it though because I love it so much!

I'm a little bit disappointed about the sticker I put in the middle. My stamp collection isn't exactly up to par yet so I didn't have any 'happy birthday' things to put in...ah well...gotta start somewhere!


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