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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Split decisions...

...after looking though the posts on The Board again, I have decided on two things that I had been turning over in my mind for some time (and by some time, I mean about a week since I only joined The Board two weeks ago).

Before I get to the decision, you may have noticed that I refer to The Board (the Cricut board, for all you out there not in the know) in capitalized letters. This is because in grade school I learned that you must capitalize important words. Names and places and The Board. If you are already a member of The Board, you will understand its utmost importance. Thus it shall be held in the highest of regards. (Although I'm sure my wallet and The Mister would disagree, but we didn't ask them for their opinion).

Anyways, I have decided that it is an absolute must that I own Design Studio. With all the different things you can do with the baby bug and carts, it's a travesty that I don't get Design Studio to maximize and harness in all the potential. Really, I'm doing myself an injustice by delaying...

The second decision I have come to a...well, decision about is that Nestabilities is a must-have. Collecting them (and being able to afford them) is like a hobby all on its own! What I'm still trying to decide is if I should just buy each set one at a time, slowly, off of ebay, or just suck it up and just get the whole set in one fell swoop.

In any case, although I have made the decision once and for all, the actions have to be somewhat delayed. Until the next payday of course - and probably the next pay day after that.

Note to self: I also need a printer...

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