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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quick grabs...

...so while I was out at Chapters picking up some Stephen King books for the bestest buddy, I was going through the maze leading up to the cash register (I love it how they make the line surrounded by a bunch of tables and aisles full of fun little stuff - I was being sarcastic here if you didn't pick up on that already. Me and add-ons have a love-hate kind of relationship.) Anyways, I was two customers behind when I happened to glance to the side at what I thought were photo albums when I realized that they were scrapbook albums. But this was not what caught my attention...beside them were all these wonderful stacks of paper.

Ah-ah-ah my blog buddies, not just ANY paper, it was DCWV! There were beautiful stacks...I saw the baby stack, the fun stack (is there such a thing as fun stack, I can't remember the names so I'm kind of just making them up), all dressed up stack and best of all were these:

Once Upon a Time and the Glitter Stack! Woohoo!!! I didn't even know there was such a thin as Once Upon a Time. I flipped through it real quickly and the designs were all nice and whimsical and pretty! There were swirlies and fairies and lots of pretty paper! I opted for the smaller of the glitter stack because I haven't been too into layouts just yet. Anyways, if you remember, last week I got three stacks of 12x12s.

I can't believe I didn't get into the paper hoarding before! I almost feel like a bank robber that throws up all the money they've stolen and rolls around in it.

I would throw up all my pretty paper and roll around in them all, but I like my paper unwrinkly.

Off to the birthday party, all!


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