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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Confession #2

...does it seem to anybody else other than just me, how time seems to just be whizzing by?

While I'm at work, everything seems to be going so slow, but on the whole, sometimes I feel like there's just not enough hours in the day!

I get up, go to work, go straight to the gym (Mon, Tues and Thurs - Wed night is date night with The Mister, Thurs is choir practice and Friday is church group meetings), and go home. But usually after I get home, it's time to make dinner and after that I'm just completely drained and tired from being on my feet. It just seems like I don't get enough time to really sit down and play and make and create with all my fun things!

Anyways, the days seem to just speed right by me that whenever I do get a free minute, I run to my scraproom to see what I can come up with. Instead of doing the dishes...instead of cooking...instead of grocery shopping.

If you opened my fridge door this morning, you would have seen a crockpot bowl with some questionable-looking mush inside, an empty milk bag jug and wilted lettuce and a whole lot of condiments...with nothing to put them on. In my freezer, you would have found a tub of Cool Whip, a can of frozen margarita mix, and half a bag of Jane's pre-cooked chicken.

For the past week, we had been picking up food, getting fast food or eating with any family members that would feed us.


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