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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thank you...

..."thank you India, thank you terror, thank you disillusionment..."

(Thank You - Alanis Morisette)

Yes, in real life, I also am known to break out into song. And other sounds...actually, I was telling the BFF that a couple weeks ago I had an embarrassing moment at work with the boss. Sometimes the office gets a little bit tense (especially when we're de-registering the students who haven't paid for their tuition). Anyways, someone had sent a picture via E-Mail of this huge wave breaking on in like, Antartica or something. It being so cold, once the wave broke (I'm not even sure this is true as I don't see how it could have gotten warm enough for a wave to even break through the meters or ice, but what do I know) it froze in this huge, massive...well, wave. I was telling my coworkers, wouldn't it be funny if you were looking at the wave and all of a sudden this whale just swims on by? Then I started making orca whale sounds - courtesy of Free Willy - and of course, OF COURSE, even though he hadn't been by the WHOLE day, the boss chooses to meander out of his office and down the hall in time to hear my desperate whale cries of freedom.

Yeah...anyways, as I am now completely off topic, I am racking my brain trying to remember what I was originally going to say.

Ah yes, thank yous! I have been SO slacking in the thank you department from the wedding. I ran out of cards and therefore just pretty much ran out of momentum. But not for long! Check these babies out:

You can't really tell here, but for this card, I outlined most of the fancy details in Diamond Stickles. It's pretty in real life!

I love these cards so much, I can't stop looking at them. And re-arranging them. And putting them in and out of their envelopes (which, as you can see, I have also embossed. You can't see it, but I also used Studio G stamps to put little stamps in the bottom right hand corner...most of them say 'for you'.

I need to make two more cards later on this afternoon, but for the meantime, I've got to get ready to head out to church!



Anonymous said...

LOL! Whale sounds! You crack me up--more than once, but I actually had some water come out my nose...I was drinking water when I read it, it wasn't random water... :) LOVING your blog! :) It's my favourite--(I used a u for you!) :) emily012473 (from the mb)

Miss C said...

Hi Em! I remember you from The Board...lol...your comment about the not random water...LOLOL!

Thanks for visiting and letting me know you stopped by! :) YAY!